Acrylic Stucco

Traditional conventional stucco is a cladding assembly which consists of two layers of weather resistive barrier, stucco mix (portland cement plaster) reinforced with galvanized wire mesh, and an acrylic finish coat with a wide variety of textures and colours.


  • the use of factory-blended and engineered stucco mix greatly reduces shrinkage and cracking compared to well know cement and sand mixture prepared at the job site.
  • ADEX acrylic finish coat adds an additional weather protection as well as aesthetic value to the exterior of the building.
  • this system can also incorporate creative designs by the use of different prefabricated mouldings of different shapes and configurations as well; reveals can also be added to the design.


  • same as ADEX EIFS systems traditional acrylic stucco has unlimited colour selection
  • ability to use different shapes of prefabricated mouldings and reveals brings architectural design flexibility.
  • simple installation allows to execute this system in shorter period of time
  • this system is more economical compared to EIFS system, which is beneficial for the projects with tight budgets.


  • this system is fire resistive, which is very beneficial for a lot of in-fill projects or in the areas with high density of the houses.
  • this system resists dirt, fading and abrasion.
  • woodpecker resistant
  • the maintenances cost of such system is minimal and does