EIFS is an acronym that stands for Exterior Insulation and Finish System. It is a composite cladding system that consists of a liquid applied whether resistant barrier (air and/or vapour barrier), mechanically or adhesively attached insulation boards, a reinforced base coat  and acrylic finish coat. It is a water-managed exterior cladding system that sets the standard for building protection and comfort level, as well as provides a huge variety of finishing options.

Energy Efficiency

Exterior Insulation Finishing System incorporate EPS insulation with a metric R-Value of R 0.70 per one-inch thickness. With insulation fastened to the exterior of the building, the system becomes much more effective in reducing the amount of energy lost through the wall assembly, compared to the same amount of insulation in the wall cavity. By incorporating an adhesive to fasten the insulation and eliminating perforation with mechanical fasteners, ADEX system prevents another potential cause of energy loss. Weather resistive barrier, which is directly applied to the substrate, also increases air tightness of the wall assembly. This increases energy efficiency of the building even more.

Moisture Management

ADEX is a great moisture managing system because of incorporating of numerous features allowing water to escape. First, this system includes a trowel applied secondary weather resistive barrier. Its components (basecoat and finish coat) are all vapour permeable. Therefore, it allows moisture to escape through the materials and exit the system. Second, geometrically designed EPS insulation boards with 6 mm channels on the back allow drainage without compromising energy efficiency. Also, by moving most of the insulation to the outside, dew point has shifted to the exterior as well. This reducing a chance of moisture problems within the wall cavity itself.

Design Flexibility 

EPS insulation is an excellent material which brings endless variety of options for the design. IT can be grooved, moulded and shaped into details, battens and window trims. These details can be easily incorporated into EIFS and dramatically decrease exterior cost while adding aesthetic value to the building. Acrylic finish coats are available in more than 300 standard colours and can also be individually colour matched to whatever shade you desire. Also, all the textures offered will meet all your design and styles requirements.