Full Exterior Renovation

Why Lions Construction?

Any major exterior renovations can become very stressful and sometimes overwhelming.  At Lions Construction we value our customers’ time and money. That’s why our team will address any of your needs and concerns; we’ll work around your busy schedule to make sure you are comfortable with the time your renovation will take place; and make sure that overall process goes as smooth as possible. Also, we are fully insured and safety of our employees as well as household occupants is our number one priority. All our work comes with manufacturer’s and workmanship warranties to eliminate any headaches down the road. Contact us today and we’ll be happy to assist you with a free consultation or a quote!

What Lions Construction has to offer?

Either you are looking to refresh your exterior or if there is an existing problem with your current exterior cladding, stucco or masonry is a great choice. These are very durable, long lasting and rich looking exterior claddings. Our high quality and most innovative products will add beauty and value to your home. We are ready to guide your through all systems and products available on the market and help you choose the one that suites your need and budget.

But where does it all start? Here is a simple sequence that will ensure a stress-free process for you as a client:

  • when you hire Lions Construction, we perform do a pre-site inspection and come up with a plan to make sure that the sequence we propose will work with your needs. We will plan it all including where we must be at certain point of time, hours of work and safety of the occupants of the household.
  • we value all the hard work and money that you have put into your landscape or any other parts of the house that are not part of the renovations; we’ll protect all of it to make sure that the job site looks the same as before we have arrived at site.
  • we can demolish all kinds of the exteriors including but not limited to vinyl and wood siding, old stucco and masonry.
  • daily clean up to make sure a safe environment for our employees, customer or any visitors; this, of course, includes appropriate disposal of all construction waste
  • inspection of the substrate after the demolition process and its repairs as needed; if major repairs are required, Lions Construction will coordinate it with appropriate contractors.
  • installation of new high-quality stucco or masonry products of your choice.
  • post job inspection to ensure 100% customer satisfaction; manufacturer’s and workmanship warranties certificates.