Masonry is a type of a wall cladding that consists of individual units that are bound together by mortar. Most popular materials used in masonry are brick. Different kids of building stone and block. This type of exterior finish is not aesthetically pleasing, but very durable and long lasting. Also, it has favourably fire rating that in a lot of cases is very important in commercial and residential construction. Masonry has a very low maintenance costs which results in significant overall savings over a life span of the building. Besides, it offers great energy efficiency over a lot of alternative exterior claddings. This again helps to save your valuable money over rising heating costs. These are only few of many reasons why lot of people use masonry in the wall assemblies of their homes and businesses. At Lions Construction we offer most of masonry services available on the market. Call or email us today and let our team members help you with your recent project or address any concerns you might have!


Brick is a versatile masonry product. It can be used on your exterior or as a brick veneer in your interior designs. It come a in great variety of sizes and textures, colours and shades. This allows the brick to satisfy all kind of styles and design needs. It can either have an authentic and rustic look or complete your modern exterior or interior designs.


Block is a very cost-effective masonry product. It also has a great choice of textures, colours and shapes. It can either have a smooth or a split face finish to match your design ideas. Many options allow to have either decorative or load bearing wall assemblies. As any masonry products, block exteriors help you to minimize insurances costs as it is a fire resistive finish.

Building Stone

Building stone used in masonry include granite, marble, travertine and limestone. This type of masonry finish is generally more expansive compared to the brick or block wall assemblies.  It requires a great set of skills and often is considered a separate type of trade. At this point of time we do not offer such services but we’ll be happy to assist with any questions or find you a right contractor to address your needs.

We work with all biggest masonry suppliers to give you all options at the price point that will be within your budget. Contact us today and we’ll navigate you trough this complicated process.