Stone Veneer

Stone veneer is amongst most popular finishes chosen by the home and business owners. It is a versatile product that can be used on the exteriors, as well as on the inside of the building by adding a custom touch to your interior design. There is a wide range of stone veneer products available on the market including both natural stone and manufactured stone veneers. Both have a wide range of colours and textures that allowing for all customers’ designs and ideas. We work with all biggest stone suppliers to provide our customer with the widest stone selection possible.  At Lions Construction we are proud to offer a wide range of stone services including:

  • Residential & Commercial Stone Installation
  • Exterior & Interior Stone Work
  • Fireplaces’ Walls
  • Brick Veneer Installation
  • Stone Veneer Repairs

Natural Stone Veneer vs Manufactured Stone Veneer

There are two kind of stone veneers available on the market: natural stone veneer and manufactured stone veneer. Natural Stone veneer is made of natural stones that are collected and then cut into consistent shapes and thicknesses for easier installation. Manufactured stone is, of course, fabricated to desired shapes and painted to the colour required. While both products have their own advantages and disadvantages, manufactured stone veneer is the most popular option between the customers.

Advantages of the manufactured stone veneer:

  • lower cost compared to the natural stone veneer. A lot of times manufactured stone veneer is half the price of its competitor
  • manufactured stone veneer is very light which allows easier installation procedures and lowering labour cost
  • greater selection of colours, textures and shapes available

Advantages of the natural stone veneer:

  • natural stone looks more authentic and often can not be matched by manufactured veneer.
  • natural stone veneer is much more durable when compared to manufactured stone
  • it has a greater life span and can last for centuries

Interior vs Exterior

Exterior, by default, is a more popular location when thinking about stone veneer products. It brings a rich and authentic look to the outside of your home and can highlight lot of its features. It also adds a great value to your exterior and home in general, because of its great characteristics. It is easy to install, and the variety of its installation options will satisfy most of the wall assemblies.

However, interior designs incorporate the use of the stone veneer options more and more often. Manufactured stone veneer is a great option for the interior use because of its light weight and variety of the colours and textures. Stone veneer is often used for feature walls, fireplaces and in kitchen designs. It can bring both authentic and modern looks to your interior depending on the style, texture and colour.