Stucco Painting

Even though stucco is a low maintenance exterior cladding, it doesn’t mean that it is a maintenance-free system.  Stucco painting is a great tool that ensures a long life of your exterior stucco systems. This simple and relatively cheap (when compared to expensive exterior renovations) procedure will save you a lot of money and stress down the road. At Lions Construction we offer a full range of the exterior stucco painting solutions. Contact us today for a free consultation and your exterior cladding inspection.

Cracking, cracking, cracking!

Conventional acrylic stucco or a traditional cement stucco system are great exterior finishing solutions. Stucco indeed is very strong and durable product. However, cracking is not something that can be prevented in any cement-based system. All cement-based products, which stucco is, eventually will get cracking because of the expansion, shifting stress, wind loads and any other harsh climate conditions we get in the Prairies. There are several types of cracks in the stucco. Some require serious repairs or even extensive exterior renovations, while other can be fixed with very simple procedures.

The most common type of cracking you will get on your stucco exterior is hairline cracks. These little cracks might seem to be harmless. However, it becomes a begging to the fatal process within the stucco system such as water penetration, molding and eventually destroying it. The best thing you can do for your exterior when you start noticing a significant amount of hairline cracks is to have it inspected by a professional. In a lot of times an early detection of such problem will help to minimize the extent of the stucco damage as well as the cost of the repairs.

How does painting fix hairline cracks?

Painting is a not only a great way to change the colour or renew the appearance of your home, but it also helps to bridge existing and prevent new hairline cracks in your stucco exterior. However, this can only be achieved if a right type of an exterior paint is chosen.

An elastomeric paint is a high-quality paint that is designed for the use on stucco and masonry. This type of paint allows for expansion and contraction of exterior stucco, while filling all existing hairline cracks.  It is extremely durable with great elasticity properties that prevent new cracking. Also, elastomeric paint creates a breathable membrane that allows all moisture that builds up in the stucco assembly to escape. This is a very important quality allowing existing stucco systems to maintain its own features.

This simple and low-cost procedure will fix the existing problems, give a new fresh look and, most importantly, prolong the life of your stucco exterior.