Stucco Repairs

When it comes to stucco repairs, Lions Construction can do it all. Our experienced crew members will not only fix the problem but will find its origin and give recommendation on how to proceed so you do not get it again. We specialize in parging repairs, small and big stucco cracks, stucco patching and colour matching. We do it all! Call us today to book an inspection of your exterior or a free consultation!


Parging is a very important part of your exterior. It doesn’t only carry a decorative function but becomes a first protective barrier for your foundation and repels all the moisture that our harsh weather brings.  However, when you have an exterior insulation on the foundation of your home, parging becomes a must do to protect it from physical and sunlight damage. Pargings constantly are hit with big amounts of moisture all year long. That’s why it last a lot less than any other exterior cladding. Lions Construction is here to help. We can fix your old parging or we can take it off and put new one with an acrylic finish to better protect your home’s foundation.

Stucco Cracks

Stucco cracks is very popular topic and unfortunately the one that will always exist. Stucco Cracks is not something you can prevent, because this system is a cement based. Expansion, house shifting, wind loads and harsh climate conditions we get in the Prairies all cause cracking. And while some can fix with much simpler procedures, other require much more extensive repairs. Unfortunately, installer’s workmanship is also a factor in a lot of cases. Applying stucco in wrong weather conditions (too cold or to hot), adding too much water to the mix, incorrect mixing, improper lath installation or just not enough drying time are all factors that will cause cracking down the road. Let our crew identify what was the cause of the cracking on your home and help you to extend the life of your exterior stucco.

Stucco Patching

Stucco patching is a very popular service we provide. Removing or replacing windows & doors or relocating some mechanical or electrical lines often bring damage to your exterior. Lions Construction is here to help. We can patch a damaged area and either match the existing stucco or hide this area behind some decorative elements such trims and buildouts.

Colour Matching

When it comes to repairs, colour matching is a very important service, that Lions Construction offers. We can take a sample of your existing colour and have it matched, so you do not see a difference between the repaired and original areas of the wall. This allows you to minimize the cost by not refinishing the whole wall but only concentrating on the area that is damaged.